I am not a Patriot’s fan at all. Until today I never really paid any mind to their players in all honesty but today Joe Andruzzi was more than a former NFL player. He was a first responder, he was someone’s hero, he was a Patriot true and blue! Today April 15th in Boston at the finish line of the Boston Marathon two bombs went off leaving 3 dead, over 100 others injured & our country shaken. Whether this was a terrorist action, domestic or foreign, it was still a sick and disgusting action. Yet people like Joe Andruzzi showed that there is more good then evil. He did not run or walk away, he helped someone. That says so much more about our country then two buildings because you destroyed land and hurt people but someone was there to help them. You can destroy our buildings but not the unity that is human kindness. My prayers and deepest thoughts go out to any and every victim, first responder and all of their families.  #NFL #Patriots #NewEnglandPatriots  #JoeAndruzzi #Boston #BostonBombing #BostonMarathon #BostonwillNEVERbeforgotten

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