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You are not alone when I find a good fanfic I just keep reading until I realize I didn’t sleep and have to wake up in 3 hours. Klaroline, Kalijah, Linstead, SkyeWard, Veronica Mars x Logan, Kennett, the list goes on! Lol

Yes TVD flaws is endless. Main one starting with the fact that they do not do crossovers with TO. It’s as if half their cast for 2 seasons never existed, EVER! Yep I’m still not over that either.

Regina and Emma I swear could be really good friends if they get it together. Their chemistry is undeniable but I really love Outlaw Queen.

But you and me can totally be shipping buddies! is essential to survival and so it’s AO3. I swear it’s a miracle I read actual books anymore.

I just want to know wth that blue thing was digging into Ingrid’s back. Dash was overly concerned for her. Ahhh.

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The reason women are turning you down for casual sex seems to be that, for one thing, a lot of you are calling them sluts afterward. Also, a lot of you aren’t bothering to try to be good in bed.

Terri Conley, professor of psychology and women’s studies at the University of Michigan ( link )


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I either eat too much or starve myself. Sleep for 14 hours or have insomniac nights. Fall in love very hard or hate passionately. I don’t know what grey is. I never did. (via youcancallmeay)

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Instead of teaching girls what to and not to wear, teach boys not to sexualize women’s bodies

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reblog if your icon is the thing you transform into under the full moon

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Hi pushnpull

Your question about it actually made me look for their ship on tumblr. I found a bunch of fanfics and now have their ship tag saved. So thank you seriously for the question.

As for Loki x Lorelei, I will have to check it out. But both of their tricks seem like a good combination. Loki would be in awe of the damage she could cause with her powers.

Really? That’s so good! If you read anything cool please share!
Yay another fandom for you hahaha I love Sif but I don’t want her with Thor I guess Loki could be the one for her.

Loki x Lorelei, they have so many parallels, I don’t want to change your mind about Sif, but look at these

I’m Ellen btw

This post has a bunch of fic’s that I am still going through but so far I love them. I do not want Sif with Thor and quite frankly they have yet to show anyone on Asgard I think capable of her. Loki is her exact opposite which is why I like them together. Plus after Dark World, we know he thinks she is ravishing.

This one is an AU

So is this one and I love it. Fav <333

I saw the tag and WOW is she a female fiery Loki. The parallels are in bunches. I would definitely like to read anything you can recommend as well. Do they have a ship name?

Hi Ellen, I am Becca! :)

Hey Becca, I’ll sure check them out!

The AU’s are really good and so pretty I think Loki x Sif are not a small ship because they have appeared a lot (not together but individually). Lorelei appeared just once.

I’ve never read anything about Loki x Lorelei. After her episode on AoS I said “hey I would like to see her with Loki” and I’ve found the gifsets that I’ve sent you but I’ve never read any fanfiction.

I believe the name is LokiLei but you won’t find any tumblr posts about them :/

Hi Ellen :)

They definitely seem to be a well established ship. I just love reading the fanfics.

Any other ships you like? 

BTW love that you like Wendy from Witches of East End! I love that show!

I only read Klaroline fanfics, but I love reading them as well! The problem is that I can’t control myself, whenever I find a good fanfic I read it until I finish it, day, night, sometimes I don’t even sleep lol

Well, my main ships are:

- TVD/TO: Klaroline, Klefan, Klefaroline, Kalijah, Kennett, Stebekah, Mabekah, Rebel, Dalaric, Jenna and Alaric, Jeremy and Anna.

- OUAT: Outlaw Queen, Captain Swan, Rumbelle, Swan Mills (yes I think it would be interesting, Henry could have both of his moms).

- Witches of East End: Frillian, DashIng, Joanna and Victor, Wendy and that hot butterfly dude, Wendy and this new guy that I forgot the name.

- AoS: Skyeward, Fitzsimmons, Coulson and May.

- Revenge: Damily (I ship them until the writers turned Daniel into a jerk), Victoria x Grayson, Jack x Margaux, Charlotte x Declan, Nolan x Patrick.

I’m in love with Witches of East End, although I think season 1 was better. Wendy is the best, if they kill her I quit the show, I’m pissed about what happened to Victor!

You are not alone when I find a good fanfic I just keep reading until I realize I didn’t sleep and have to wake up in 3 hours. Klaroline, Kalijah, Linstead, SkyeWard, Veronica Mars x Logan, Kennett, the list goes on! Lol

Swan Mills, sounds interesting. I think both moms would be good for Henry.
I totally want Dash & Ingrid together.
I think that would be hot and heavy.

I am not over Victor and what happened. Wendy and Tony? I think that was his name. That date was insanely bad, I was worried something might happen to him leaving her house. If she dies, I will be beyond pissed.

I’m still not over Katherine’s death, I may never be.

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